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How to Drive Sales In-Store with PartPay

PartPay isn’t just a hit online, it’s proven to be a strong performer in physical retail stores, hair and beauty salons and service businesses too. The option for your customers to shop now and pay later is a compelling reason to buy or spend more, and gives a financing alternative to high interest credit cards which many New Zealanders are starting to use less frequently.


However, for PartPay to deliver on its strengths of increasing sales conversions and increasing average order values your customers need to know PartPay is available to them as a payment option. Our merchants have seen strong increases in sales through PartPay by promoting it in their store, salon or services business – here’s how:


1. Window stickers

It goes without saying that we live in a world with very short attention spans, with plenty of companies and businesses fighting for that attention. That’s why sometimes it takes a bit of elbow grease on your storefront’s windows to get them in, and what better way than to tell a passersby that they can shop now and only pay 25%!

PartPay can supply you a vinyl window transfer that says PartPay is accepted within your business, which will help get people through the door. To order one click here.


2. Posters and signage

A proven way to maximise returns from PartPayis to promote it early in your customer’s buying journey. For example, a shopper may be intending to purchase one $100 item today, but upon seeing you accept PartPay, they may walk out spending $200 as they only need to pay 25% today.

PartPay can supply freestanding counter cards and posters to display around your store, reception or waiting area that help your customers understand that they can pay 25% now and the rest later with no fees or interest – it also gives salespeople and staff something to point at if they’re trying to explain it to curious customers.

Below are what items are available so click here to have some sent out.


3. Point of sale material

Point of sale (POS) means the place where your customers actually pay for their products, so it makes sense to present PartPay as an option right there. Some POS counters are near the entrance, so a customer may see this on the way past when they first enter your store and decide to buy more than they would have without seeing PartPay available first.

Likewise, they may approach the POS counter to pay at the end of their shop, realize you have PartPay, then decide to go and shop some more since they can pay only 25% now and the rest later.

Our merchants have used counter cards, till stickers, or information cards to help their customers understand that they can buy more and only pay 25% today.


4. Have PartPay on your price stickers

Customers will always consider and evaluate price in their decision making process. How do they do that in store? By looking at the price sticker. If you run your own price stickers, labels, or cards, consider adding ‘Pay 25% now and take home with PartPay’ at the bottom of the sticker with a small PartPay logo which you can download here.

Don’t use price stickers? You may rely on brochures or pricing sheets for your customers which can easily benefit from the same treatment.


5. Promote PartPay on your website, Social Media channels and email lists

If you have a website, social media channel, and/or an email list from your database – promoting PartPay can help convert a click to a customer. There are lots of helpful ways you can help your customer make more informed purchase decisions with PartPay – we even wrote a few guides to help you out.


Click here to learn more about promoting PartPay on your website, here for Social Media, and here for your email lists.


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  • Attract new customers “Nice, they have PartPay!”
  • Increase conversion rates “If I can shop now and pay later, then why not?!”
  • Encourage repeat purchases “That was so easy, I’ll be coming back for sure”
  • Increase average shopping cart size “If I can pay later, I might as well load up”
  • Stay ahead of the competition “Hmm, if only they had PartPay”

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