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3 steps to drive more sales using social media and PartPay

79% of people online use Facebook (Pew Research Center, 2016) and Instagram is catching up quickly – especially among millenials.

It goes without saying that Social Media channels are ripe for advertising, and most of your customers are using it daily. It’s less costly than TV, it’s easier to track results than paper ads or billboards, and it’s faster to deploy than anything else. If you’re not advertising on Social Media, you could be missing out on some big opportunities!

That’s why our clients have increased sales and found new customers by advertising on Facebook and Instagram. One of the key messages that hits home is letting your customers know that PartPay is available. The value to your customer is strong – they can shop now and pay later with no interest of fees! Here’s how to get started:

1. Write a compelling message, or use our ready-to-go example

Most social media posts consist of a message and an image. The image and message should work in tandem to communicate a key value to your customers. The rule of thumb is to keep the message short and concise. Here’s one you can try, ready to copy and paste – be sure to swap in your company URL!

“Good news! We now accept PartPay at www.[yourcompany] – shop and receive your items now, then pay it off over 6 weeks with no interest and no fees!”

Note: Once you input your company URL then paste this into Facebook, it will automatically “pull” some content from your website for the image and caption. On the next step, we will swap out that image for something that matches the message. You can also click on the caption to edit it – we recommend using “Pay 25% now and the rest later, no fees or interest!”

2. Use an eye-catching image to command attention (like our example)

The average person scrolls through almost 100m of Social Media a day – that means it can be hard for your business to stick out when you sometimes only have a split second to do so.

Our clients have found that using bold, bright colours and simple messaging on top has stopped customers in their tracks. If you’re lucky, they’ll read the message you’ve posted above. The ultimate goal is to have them click on your post and head to your website.

Note that Facebook and Instagram use different image sizes for the best results. Here are some examples you can download (right click as press “save as” or “save image”). If you have some image editing software handy, feel free to use our overlay instead on top of a picture of your product or service.

With PartPay available at hundreds of New Zealand’s leading businesses around New Zealand, this recognition could help your posts convert eyeballs into sales.

Facebook Full


Facebook Overlay


Instagram Full


Instagram Overlay

Note: If you are posting to Facebook, you can click the small pen/pencil icon from the previously ‘pulled’ image to swap it out for the new on you just downloaded.

3. Once posted, try ‘boosting’ or ‘promoting’ your post

We recommend posting the above example to your Facebook page and Instagram account. The unfortunate reality of Social Media is that company posts are disadvantaged – the algorithms will only show your post to 0.5-2% of your followers unless you spend some advertising dollars to promote it. This is the best way to cut through to your target audience. Here’s a great guide on how to promote posts on Facebook, and another on Instagram.


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  • Attract new customers “Nice, they have PartPay!”
  • Increase conversion rates “If I can shop now and pay later, then why not?!”
  • Encourage repeat purchases “That was so easy, I’ll be coming back for sure”
  • Increase average shopping cart size “If I can pay later, I might as well load up”
  • Stay ahead of the competition “Hmm, if only they had PartPay”

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