Get it now. No interest. No fees.
Instalments made easy

Shop in the moment

Buy the things you want, when you want them. With PartPay, you pay a quarter of the purchase price at checkout, enjoy your purchase right away, then pay another quarter for the next three fortnights. Not a cent more.

Spend on stuff,
not interest

Seriously! No fees, no establishment charges and no interest like traditional finance options that can turn the bargain of the century into a year of repayments. All you pay is the advertised price. (The retailer pays us a fee – we make our money from them, not you).

No gotchas to getcha

We’re not bankers – just a bunch of kiwis trying to keep things plain and simple. We take your fortnightly payments automatically.  If you miss one, and we can’t sort it quickly, we charge $8 and same again for every week the payment is outstanding. (But we’ll try not to let it come to that).

“Shopping online with PartPay is the smartest impulse purchase I ever made”

Smart for shoppers

You get the things you want from your favourite New Zealand websites today, and pay them off every fortnight with no interest or fees.

Smart for retailers

The PartPay model is proven to drive traffic to your store, increase the average purchase price and reduce the number of abandoned baskets – what’s not to love?